GLOBAL COLIBRI is composed of a multidisciplinary team with the aim to help our customers find the most competitive solutions in their efforts to preserve the environment. Our costumers can rely on our experience and expertise in collection of the information, project implementation, construction and maintenance work.

We have several areas of expertise:
We present global solutions to the treatment of water and wastewater treatment. We develop consulting and engineering services throughout the water cycle, management and maintenance of treatment systems.

We use an innovative solution of wastewater treatment, the Floating Islands COLIBRI, protecting the environment and public health from harmful discharges.

We present disruptive Ozone solutions for the water treatment.

Water desinfection and potabilization:
- Drinking fountains;
- Rainwater harvesting;
- Swimming Pools Water Treatment;
- Treatment and disinfection of water reservoirs and tanks;
- Water disinfection and potabilization.

Ozone solutions for the agricultural, livestock and food sectors:
- "CIP - Clean-in-place" for the food industry;
- Food disinfection;
- Hydroponics;
- Livestock Watering;
- Milk tanks washing water disinfection.

Ozone solutions for industries and others:
- Colour removal of dyeing industry wastewater;
- Decrease in BOD5, COD, TSS and others in wastewater;
- Heat exchangers and cooling towers;
- Lakes, ponds and fountains water treatment;
- Uranium mines water and sludge treatment.

Ozone solutions for removing odours:
- Removing wastewater odours.

We present you the Natural Swimming Pools COLIBRI, that allow recreational use of water imitating nature, such as lakes, rivers and streams. The natural pools are cleaned and purified by a combination of microorganisms and plants, eliminating the aggressive chemicals such as chlorine.

At GLOBAL COLIBRI - Engineering and Consulting, our mission is to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring the wellbeing and professional development of our staff.

What are our values​​:
- Innovation;
- Customized service;
- Client satisfaction;
- Ethics and integrity.

Anywhere in the world, GLOBAL COLIBRI uses science and engineering principles, IMPROVING PEOPLE'S LIFE!